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Food Is Medicine

My father was suffering from a debilitating neurological disorder for years and western medicine doctors said that nothing could be done for him. We turned to alternatives and after taking a traditional chinese herbal formula for 6 months he had completely recovered. This was when our family journey into chinese medicine began. 

At the time our doctor was having trouble sourcing the herbs so we decided to help. I soon found myself on farms in South America and later on Africa and Asia. Naturally, I gravitated towards organic farms since we were searching for the medicinal aspects and started creating supply chains for herbal tea companies.

My father was so inspired he became a traditional chinese medicine doctor, ran a clinic for over 40 years and founded the Tao Healing Arts Society in New York.

My passion for using food and herbs for improving my family's health grew into sourcing hundreds of ingredients. Many of the relationships I created with suppliers over 20 years ago provide for Pure Ground to this day. 

Pure Ground

Food that's grown without chemicals and pesticides is the way that nature intended.

Now more than ever we are looking to source from regenerative farms to nourish our planet, our communities and ourselves.

-Kevin Lindseth, CEO/Founder

Pure Ground