Name: Mentha Spicata

Origin: India, USA, Egypt, Portugal, Tunisia

Aroma: Minty

Flavor: Minty, Refreshing

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Spearmint, and the mint family, in general, have a long history in herbalism and folklore. It is thought that the Romans introduced the mint plant to England before the 15th century and current etymology traces the word back to Old English around the 8th century. Spearmint and other species of mint have been used throughout time in many different ways. Some of those include perfumes, early forms of toothpaste, to help stabilize milk (pre-refrigeration), and is often noted as being used to welcome guests by taking crushed leaves and strewing them around a gathering space or in a visitors bath for a clean aroma. In the 16th century, the name spearmint was coined due to the shape of the leaves reflecting the shape of the warriors spears. In Greek mythology, Hades finds himself enticed by a tree nymph named Minthe. When Persephone, his wife, and Queen of the Underworld, finds out, she becomes enraged and turns the nymphs into a plant. Hades, still fawning over Minthe, casts a spell that makes the plant smell of mint so that she is never overlooked or forgotten.

Traditional Uses

The use of spearmint has been spread far and wide for quite some time and with many herbs, spearmint has a multitude of folk uses. Some say that this crisp smelling plant can be used to help treat headaches, indigestion, nausea, sore throat, IBS, motion sickness, and can be applied topically to reduce muscle pain. In ancient times spearmint was used to heal ailments in children due to the flavor being milder than that of other species in the mint family.

Spearmint Tea

  • 1 bunch of Spearmint
  • 1 cup of boiling water (or 1 tsp of powder)
  •  1 tsp local raw honey

Place the tea leaves in a metal tea ball, or in any vessel you like to use to steep tea. Pour boiling water over the tea and let steep for 10 minutes. For a touch of sweetness add a half teaspoon of local honey. Drink 1 cup to relax, to help sooth the belly after an extravagant meal, or for a great morning pick me up to start the day off fresh!