Our Story

Pure Ground Ingredients was founded by our vision of a world where growers, manufacturers, and consumers all came together in the name of better ingredients, sustainable practices, and a happier, healthier planet.  After a family health scare, our founder Kevin Lindseth and his family studied and began practicing Chinese Medicine.  As a way to share their story of  healing through herbs, the family founded an organic tea business.  Kevin traveled the globe and developed relationships with growers. This paved a lifelong appreciation for the integrity of organic ingredients.  As the market for organics began to grow, Kevin began importing and processing ingredients for other manufacturers.  

Today, PGI brings a range of top quality, fair-trade, certified-organic ingredients from all over the globe to consumers in the North America and Europe. We have grown from two to more than 60 employees and in 2018, moved to a state of the art facility, doubling our size and production capacity. 




At Pure Ground Ingredients, we like to think of ourselves as the bridge between farmers  and our customers – and our most important role is being a friend to both. We strive to act in  a conscious manner that yields a positive impact  – to the environment,  grower communities, as well as our own.  

We are committed to actively supporting the communities we source from and set aside resources to invest in social projects with our partners.  We have contributed to building schools and enhancing education, supported orphanages, purchased trucks & tractors for working the land.  We have literally built bridges and provided training in agricultural practices. 

We carefully select our suppliers, auditing and inspecting to ensure each is meeting standards for quality, food safety, positive environmental impact  and ethical working conditions